Visiting Parliament

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I believe it is important that Parliament is as open and accessible as possible. You can find full details of how to visit Parliament on the UK Parliament website at  

School parties

There are specific arrangements for school parties. The Parliamentary Education Centre organises workshops for schools visiting Parliament as well as tours. There are more details at

Tours of Parliament or Big Ben

Constituents can arrange tours through their MP although there are times during the year when only commercial tours operate. You can find out when these are at  

I am very happy to help organise tours of Parliament or of Big Ben for anyone living in Wirral West. Please email me or contact my Westminster office for more details.

There is always heavy demand as you can imagine so it is helpful if you can give as much notice as possible to avoid being disappointed.

There is especially heavy demand for tours of Big Ben and tours are booked several months in advance. Please note that children under the age of 11 are not able to take the tour. You can find more details of tours of Big Ben at