We must stop a crash out no deal Brexit

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05 Sep 2019
Boris Johnson seems to be pushing the country to crash out of the European Union without a deal. This would be hugely damaging to the economy and living standards and I am particularly concerned that the people with the least will be hurt the most.

Most people are aware by now that the supermarkets are warning that if we crash out of the European Union without a deal we will see an increase in food prices. At a time when many families in Wirral are having to go to food banks to feed their children, the last thing we need is a sharp increase in food prices.

A recently leaked Government report has warned that a no deal Brexit will lead to shortages of food, fuel and medicine shortages. I am extremely concerned that patients at Arrowe Park Hospital may be severely affected by a lack of medical supplies caused by a No Deal Brexit. Boris Johnson’s pursuit of this policy is reckless in the extreme.

Labour is supporting a cross-party Bill to stop a crash-out, no-deal Brexit. We are hopeful that this Bill will be successful. If it’s not, we will consider all possible avenues to prevent no deal – including tabling a vote of no confidence.

Labour has always been clear that we oppose no-deal. No-deal would cause enormous harm to jobs, living standards, our NHS and our national security. It would also put peace and prosperity in Northern Ireland at risk. No-deal would open the way for the sell-off of our public services and the undermining of workers’ rights and protections.

A no-deal Brexit would also mean tariffs on goods and higher prices in the supermarkets. The car industry, which is so important to us here in the North West, and agriculture would be particularly badly hit and there are real concerns about what this would mean for jobs in the North West.

We want a General Election in order to sweep away this failed Conservative Government, end austerity and invest in our communities. But we will not support an election on Boris Johnson’s terms. Our concern is that he would use a General Election to force through a no deal Brexit. The sequencing of events is really important: we simply cannot trust him on this, so we want to ensure that no-deal is off the table first.

Labour’s policy is that any Brexit outcome under this Government – deal or no deal – should be put back to the people via a referendum. In that referendum, Labour would campaign to Remain. Our priority right now is stopping no-deal Brexit and stopping the unelected Prime Minister Boris Johnson doing enormous harm to our country.

Earlier this week I spoke at a rally at Birkenhead Town Hall to protest against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s anti-democratic plan to shut down Parliament. Boris Johnson is planning to shut down Parliament because he knows he does not have the support he needs for his catastrophic no-deal Brexit.