Crowds gather in Birkenhead to protest against shutdown of Parliament

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03 Sep 2019
Crowds gathered outside Birkenhead Town Hall last night to protest against the planned shutdown of Parliament. Margaret Greenwood MP, Alison McGovern MP, local councillors and activists addressed the protest, all united in their opposition to Boris Johnson’s shutdown of Parliament.

Speaking after the event, Margaret Greenwood said:

“People came out on Monday evening to show their opposition to Boris Johnson’s anti-democratic plan to shut down Parliament.

“Around the world people are looking on in astonishment to see the British people treated with such contempt by Boris Johnson.

“People came from right across Wirral to show that they will not stand for his arrogant, autocratic behaviour.

“Boris Johnson is planning to shut down Parliament because he knows he does not have the support he needs for his catastrophic No Deal Brexit.

“On Sunday Michael Gove refused to confirm that the government would abide by the law in relation to a crash-out No Deal Brexit.

“Let us be clear: no government is above the law.

“A crash-out No Deal Brexit would be disastrous for our economy and the people with the least would be hurt the most.

“At a time when many families in Wirral are having to go to food banks to feed their children, the last thing they need is the sharp increase in food prices that No Deal would bring.

“In the event of a no deal, the UK would have no trading relationship with the EU – our most important market – no agreement on citizens’ rights, security or the Irish border. Labour is clear there cannot be a hard border in Ireland under any circumstances, and there cannot be any question of undermining the Good Friday Agreement.
“No deal would also mean tariffs on goods and higher prices in the supermarkets. The car industry, which is so important to us here in the North West, and agriculture would be particularly badly hit and there are real concerns about what this would mean for jobs in the region.

“A trade deal with Trump could have devastating consequences for our public services, particularly the NHS. We cannot afford to let US corporations take it over.

“The privatisation of the NHS - which is already being pursued by the Conservatives - would be swift and brutal. We cannot afford to let that happen.

“Boris Johnson’s reckless plans would see us crash out on 31st October. We must do all we can to stop this – even MPs who were government ministers just weeks ago are saying as much.

“This week could be Parliament’s last chance to stop a damaging No Deal Brexit.

“Labour is working with other parties across Parliament to ensure the UK does not crash out of the EU without a deal. It is vital all MPs act in the national interest.”