MP backs Law Society campaign to ensure access to justice for all on housing

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13 Aug 2019
Wirral West MP Margaret Greenwood has given her support to a campaign by the Law Society which highlights the fact that over a third of the population of England and Wales live in local authority areas which do not have a single housing legal aid provider.

The Law Society argues that provision of legal aid for housing cases is disappearing in large areas of England and Wales, creating what they call legal aid deserts.

Earlier this year, the Law Society published a map, highlighting that over half of all local authority areas in England and Wales have no provision for housing legal aid services.

The map also shows that across the whole of the Wirral local authority area, there is just one provider of housing legal aid – Burd Ward Solicitors, who can be contacted on 0151 639 8273.

The map can be viewed via this link:

The shortage in legal aid advice for housing means that people on low incomes facing homelessness and eviction are struggling to get the local face-to-face advice they desperately need.

The Law Society is now calling on the government to independently review the sustainability of the legal aid system and to make sure every area in England and Wales has an acceptable number of housing legal aid providers

Margaret Greenwood MP said:

“Legal aid cuts have made access to justice unaffordable for many people.

“Advice on housing is vital, especially for those facing eviction, people who are homeless and those who might be renting a property that is in serous disrepair with issues like damp, leaking roofs or faulty electrics.

“Labour is committed to ensuring access to legal representation and advice is available to all, regardless of ability to pay, and will return legal aid for housing, helping tens of thousands of people resolve their housing issues and regain their housing rights.

“Labour will also bring back legal aid for social security appeals and family law cases, helping hundreds of thousands of people.”