MP supports Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s calls for legislation to protect areas like Red Rocks

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04 Feb 2019

Wirral West MP Margaret Greenwood visited Red Rocks Nature Reserve in Hoylake recently where she met with Cheshire Wildlife Trust Director of Conservation Martin Varley and Area Manager Sarah Bennett to learn more about the important work the Trust is doing to protect and maintain unique habitats at the reserve and across the Dee Estuary.

Red Rocks is the Trust’s only coastal reserve and is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to its sand dunes, reed beds and its population of rare natterjack toads.

The Trust is currently working on a project that aims to help residents and local communities understand the value of the Dee Estuary to their local area. 

During the visit, Martin and Sarah raised their concerns with Margaret about the government’s Draft (Principles and Government) Environment Bill, published in December.

Following its publication, Wildlife Trusts nationally called on the government to make major improvements to the bill to ensure they honour their manifesto commitment to leave the environment in a better state for the next generation. 

Martin Varley, Director of Conservation at Cheshire Wildlife said:

'The Dee Estuary is a great place for people to experience nature and Wirral is fortunate to have easy access to the coast at places like Red Rocks. This is why as we leave the EU we need to make sure that good laws are in place which protect these places for us all to enjoy. We know that the environment is important to local people and it’s good to be able to support politicians like Margaret as they work to get the best deal for nature.'

Margaret Greenwood MP said:

“We are very lucky in Wirral West to have access to a beautiful coastline. Red Rocks nature reserve is a wonderful place to visit.

“The staff and volunteers at Cheshire Wildlife Trust do a fantastic job year-round to protect the reserve’s special habitat.

“It is vital that we have legislation in place to properly protect it if we are to ensure the recovery of the natural world.

“I therefore share the concerns raised by the Trust that the government’s draft Environment Bill does not go far enough to address the environmental challenge the country faces.

“I urge the government to bring a bill to Parliament that is ambitious, wide-reaching and ensures accountability in matters relating to the natural environment.” 

If you want to learn more about Cheshire Wildlife Trust or you are considering becoming a member or volunteer, you can visit their website: