MP calls on Wirral Council to stop Hoylake Golf Resort plans

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14 Aug 2018

Margaret Greenwood, MP for Wirral West, is calling on Wirral Council to drop plans for a golf resort in Hoylake.

After hosting a packed meeting at Hoylake Community Centre in December 2017 for people to come along and have their say on the proposals, Ms Greenwood released a statement to say that she had received “hundreds of letters and emails from constituents who do not want the golf resort to go ahead” and she urged the council then to “listen to public opinion”.

Speaking today, Margaret Greenwood MP said:

“In the eight months following the public meeting in Hoylake, I have continued to meet with campaigners and am currently receiving correspondence at my office on almost a daily basis from constituents who are opposed to the planned golf resort development in Hoylake.

“I have now heard from more than 500 constituents who feel this way and this is a clear message that public opinion is saying ‘no’ to these plans.

“Recent announcements about the potential threat to Wirral’s green belt following the announcement of government housing targets for Wirral have reignited the debate and I believe it is vitally important to protect the green belt for the quality of life it brings. 

“Furthermore, having written to the council on a number of occasions about various aspects of the proposals, I remain concerned that there is still a lack of detailed information on the proposed resort, particularly around the residential aspect which would see 160 homes built – some on an ‘island feature’ and some ‘close to Saughall Massie Road’.

“I am very concerned about the effect the golf resort could have on flood risk. The resort is proposed for an area that is liable to flood in wet weather. This would have implications for people living in any new homes, as well as for people living in surrounding areas. 

“I have consulted with wildlife groups and share their concerns about the potential impact that the resort could have on wildlife in the area.

“I do not believe that the planned Golf Resort development is right for Wirral West. I call on Wirral Council to drop its plans.”