Margaret Greenwood MP highlights down-banding of NHS administrative roles during debate on public sector pay cap

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28 Jun 2017
The potential downgrading of admin staff roles in the Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust has been raised in an important debate in the House of Commons today.

Speaking during a debate on the Queen’s Speech in Parliament, Margaret Greenwood, MP for Wirral West, highlighted a number of concerns about the future of the NHS, including the position of admin staff at the Trust whose roles could potentially be downgraded from Band 3 to Band 2.

During the debate the Opposition called on the Government to end the public sector pay cap and give the emergency and public services a fair pay rise.

Commenting after the debate, Margaret Greenwood said:

“I recently met with some of the staff affected who shared with me their concerns about the impact the loss of pay would have on them and what it would mean for their pensions. I was told that some staff could be set to lose as much as £1,600 a year.

“They told me of their additional concerns that under the new structure, some new Band 2 staff could be paid below the Living Wage Foundations’ Living Wage.

“The majority of staff affected are women. We are seeing some of the lowest paid workers in the NHS being hit the hardest.

“The staff also told me they believe clinical staff, some on Band 7, are being required to carry out some of their administrative tasks. If that is the case, that cannot be an efficient or effective way to run a service.

“I am very concerned about the future pay and conditions of NHS administrative staff who play a vital role in the delivery of safe patient care.

“Hardworking clinicians should receive the full administrative support that they need to deliver care from staff who should be valued for the important part that they play in the delivery of services in our NHS.

"On top of that, the government has refused to scrap the public sector pay cap; meanwhile the cost of living is rising. In effect, these staff have been seeing their pay go down for years."

Ms Greenwood also launched a devastating attack on the Government’s failure to stop the fragmentation and undermining of the NHS.

“The government has quietly ushered in further initiatives that will have profound consequences for the NHS.

“The Naylor Report recommends the accelerated sell-off of NHS land and buildings and has the backing of Theresa May, and the Capped Expenditure Programme (CEP) undermines the very founding principles of the NHS.

“The Capped Expenditure Programme applies to 14 areas of England and will lead to longer waiting times, closure or downgrading of services, job losses, ward closures and rationing of care.

“Thankfully Wirral is not one of those areas. However, the introduction of the programme elsewhere does not bode well for the future.

“Essentially, the Government are no longer saying, “Do more with less.” They are just saying, “Do less.” Less care will lead to poorer health outcomes for our nation.

“A Labour government would take a different approach. We would restore and protect the National Health Service and establish a National Care Service of which we could be proud."