Margaret Greenwood MP praises Wirral beekeepers in debate at Westminster

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20 Nov 2017
In a debate at Westminster on Britain’s bee population, Margaret Greenwood MP praised local beekeepers in Wirral and highlighted the importance of bees to Britain’s ecosystems and crop production.

Margaret Greenwood MP said:

“Bees play an essential role in pollinating plants which otherwise would not set fruits or produce seeds.

“They illustrate the interdependence of plants, animals and insects and how damage to one part of an eco-system can have a significant impact throughout.

“There has been a decline overall in wild and honey bees over the past half century which we must address for the sake of the environment and for the future of farming in the UK.

“We need action at European and national level, but local initiatives like those here in Wirral also have an important part to play.

“I recently met with Cottage Garden Bees who sell their honey at West Kirby Farmers Market. Local festivals and fairs are also great places to buy Wirral honey.

“Flourish, the community project at Ford Way in Upton keeps the beehives which produce Woodchurch honey.

“Bee keepers like those at Flourish here in Wirral are showing the way forward by gardening in a bee-friendly way and producing delicious honey.”

Margaret Greenwood is pictured here with Geoff and Nigel Brierley of Cottage Garden Bees at West Kirby Farmers Market.

You can find more information on Flourish at
and They are a volunteer team of local people based in Woodchurch. There is information on their website about how to volunteer.

Flourish Woodchurch honey is available from the Ford Way Project, on Ford Way, Upton; they are there most Saturday's from 11am-2pm and will also be at Christmas fairs around Wirral.
There are other local groups involved in helping to make Wirral more bee-friendly as well such as called Incredible Edible Hoylake which you can find more information about at